DynConD partner program info

The DynConD partner program is an opportunity for any interested company or party to become a potential partner and closely collaborate and cooperate with DynConD in selling DynConD's proprietary Client-side Global Server Load Balancing service.

Future partners are encouraged and expected to advertise and promote DynConD's service through any tools they have available (Website, Newsletter, Social media).

To become a partner, the interested party must make an account on the my.dyncond.com user portal, fill in the necessary information and then read and accept the partnership agreement.

By accepting the partnership agreement, DynConD and the new partner are entering into a legally binding contract.

DynConD will offer all the available promotional and advertising tools to new partners as well as the necessary technical knowledge and know-how that will aid them in the selling process.

Partners will receive a referral link through which they will sell DynConD’s service and for each successful referral, the partner will receive a monetary compensation the next month, in accordance to the partnership agreement.